SS501′s leader Kim Hyun Joong will still be going to Spain. However he’s going there for a photo shooting session.

Kim Hyun Joong will be going to Madrid, Spain for a series of photo shooting for a fashion magazine. He is expected to stay in Spain for a week for the photo shoot, meanwhile using this trip to travel around Madrid as well.

On 1st April 2010, Kim Hyun Joong posted a message on his official homepage that he intend to study aboard in Spain and depart on 7th April. In the end of his message, he wrote “Today is April Fool’s Day, right?”. It’s simply just a joke that he cracked, however fans still feel uneasy as there have been rumors since last year that Kim Hyun Joong may go solo.

Kim Hyun Joong’s company DSP Entertainment representative expressed on 5th April that this photo shoot trip has been confirmed since one month ago. He continued: “It’s was just a joke that Kim Hyun Joong cracked.”

The representative added: “After Kim Hyun Joong finish his Spain photo shoot trip, he will continue his schedule to record the new album on 1st May and participate in the promotional activities in Japan and China. He just want to de-stress himself before starting his busy schedule.”

Source From: IsPlus