A person can show a different brilliance at different times. The first impression that Kim Joon gave was ‘very handsome’.

Kim Joon and the F4 leader Lee Min Ho went for the fans meeting sessions in Guangzhou, China. It was very obvious that the Chinese fans were concentrated on Lee Min Ho. Kim Joon who stood beside Lee Min Ho does not outshine him.

However, journalists felt that Kim Joon gave them a different impression during an interview with T-MAX on their solo album. Before the interview, there were many female fans who followed quietly behind him wherever he went for photo shoot. If you observed carefully, Kim Joon seem like a character that came out of the comic book. It is because he is different from the ‘ordinary people’ or compared to the F4 image, he is more eye catching of his true qualities?

“Looking at myself in the mirror, there are still many imperfect parts. I am very grateful to being called the ‘Flower Boys’. Actually I don’t think it’s good during the drama shooting, but when I looked back I felt honor that I can play in this role.”

Kim Jun was acting as one of the F4 members Woo Bin. His drama line were mostly only ‘A~Yo!’ which don’t really catch much viewers’ attentions. In actual fact, Kim Joon should feel sorry for this, but he considered himself to be lucky.

“My acting is really very poor now, I’m always timid in my acting. Even through, my role is mainly to ‘rescue’ the scene, but when the drama was broadcast, I am very happy that I acted well. Even if I was given a chance to re shoot the drama, I do not want to be ‘Jun Pyo’, I would like to be ‘Woo Bin’ again.”

Despite that the drama has ended since four months ago, Kim Joon was still busying with the overseas promotional activities. Singing ‘Boys Before Flowers’ ending theme song has also make T-MAx to follow the trend to be one of the ‘Korean Star’ team.

T-MAX has also been recently invited to perform in the Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2009 World Games opening ceremony. Looking back when T-MAX debut in 2007 after three singles album and was still obscure, he feels the great sense of happiness now. “We have a real heart to start to right now, to make a lot of music. Although I am grateful that everyone remember me as one of the F4 members, but right now I want to show everyone my charm as a singer.”

The sale of T-MAX single series included a collection of three members solo songs. It was the first time that Kim Joon show his raping skills in his song ‘Joon, Be Ok’. The lyrics of the songs was written by Kim Joon. In the MV, he was wearing a suit for the whole dance performance showing the full strength of the rap. Besides Kim Hyun Joong also joined which attracted more viewer’s attentions.

Kim Joon was active in a recent weekend SBS variety show ‘Invincible Baseball Team’. He would be acting as a intern in the musical show ‘Youthful March’ on the 18th July. Acting, dancing, singing, everything is a live performance, therefore he felt pressurized. He has taken his first step in haste.

Source From: Joins.com

Kim Joon – Jun, Be Ok Music Video