Check out the latest Kim Seon Ah & Cha Seung Won’s interview pictures from ETTV. Both of them look really cool! Looking at how Kim Seon Ah has dressed up reminds me of her ‘Sorry Sorry’ dance.

4 years ago, Kim Seon Ah gained 10kg because of the Korean TV drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. From then she has never slim down. Recently, in the Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’, viewers saw her slim figure.

She revealed that her secret was her braces that she was wearing. However, she does not want to open her mouth and showed it to anyone. “Don’t ask me how I lose weight anymore”. Kim Seon Ah said it shyly.

In order to act as a plump lady baker in ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’, she has to gain weight by eating. These recent years, she has been trying to lose weight but the effect was limited. The media is always concern about her weight each time she attended a public event.

This year she acted as a civil servant in ‘City Hall’. Her slim figure got the public and media by surprise. After all the interviews with Kim Seon Ah, media found out that the main key lies in her jaw joint. Due to abnormal pain, she was forced to wear braces to correct her teeth and thus greatly reduced her appetite.

She expressed: “I endured a lot of hardships when shooting ‘City Hall’. I was hit by 200 eggs and smashed by a pile of tomatos. I also got drenched in the rain. Therefore it hard not to slim down. My eyes was infected and has to be sent to the hospital.”

Cha Seung Won: “Generally, no actress will be willing to take up this role. Kim Seon Ah has been very professional which I admired her of this.”

Photos From: ETTV