Meet this refreshed woman Kim Seon Ah with her usual character plus full favor of ‘Sam Soon’ charm. The successful completion of the SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ filming makes her look certain than ever.

Meet Kim Seon Ah in Seoul at Gangnam Gu, Cheongdam-dong, K.Agit Coffee Shop. She said it with a smile that she is the kind of person who do not like to move to the second place as soon as she sit down and chat. Therefore she ever chat for 12 hours.

Q: Talk about ‘City Hall’, how is your feeling after the whole filming?
A: It’s not really easy. This is the problem I have every time I finishing shooting a drama, and still left with some regrets.

Q: Therefore you would give away photos after each filming?
A: Yes. This is my eighth time since ‘Wet Dreams’. I spent 3 endless nights making this calendar that including 100 photos of all the staff in the performance team and production team. Although I said I’m not making it because I’m tired, yet I made it. If I’m married, I may not able to do it.

Q: Talking about marriage, let’s us talk about your boyfriend. Who is the guy that you almost got married?
A: I don’t know should I talk about this topic. I have make known to public about my civilian boyfriend when I was shooting the Korean TV drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. But we broke up in 2006 and decided to go our own way. Later, he told me that he has already married.

Q: Feeling a bit pity. Then you should start looking for a new marriage.
A: Yes. Now I have flexibility in my work. Before ‘City Hall’ filming I have always been tired. Now it begins to turn for the better, therefore it should be time to talk about marriage. I would also not make to public about my boyfriend in future, too tired about this.

Q: Taking this happy opportunity to solve the mystery, who is the Hong Kong Fund Management person that you are dating right now?
A: This is too ridiculous. I didn’t date that person. If we are talking about a person with the similar points, that would be my brother working in the Hong Kong Securities Company. Therefore I am a frequent traveler to Hong Kong. My brother hates others speaking about him.

Q: In year 2002, do you went to a large supermarket with a man to buy things?
A: That’s maybe my brother. Some people happened to see us and said that we were very intimated while buying things. Since then I never went out with my younger brother.

Q: The strength of the family is great, but you hardly talk about your family.
A: There is a reason behind it. Neither my mother, sister nor brother are fond of talking about themselves, as its violated their privacy rights. At the beginning I felt a bit bad, but it seems my family thoughts are sensible.

Q: Didn’t seem to talk about your father.
A: My father died of gastric cancer in year 1996 before I debut. From then on, it has been really hard on my mother.

Q: How you spend your time with your family?
A: I would go traveling with my whole family. So far I don’t have any memories traveling with my friends. Last year, we traveled to Hong Kong where my brother was there.

Q: You are dancing Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ in the drama ‘City Hall’?
A: I watched the video and practiced for 30 minutes. Don’t really have much time to practice. Fortunately, its seem like you love watching it.

Q: Looks like you have a very strong ability to learn.
A: You seems right. I was a sprinter when I was a child. I learned ballet, classical dance, swimming and even figure skating. Seems like I am good at sports. If I put such efforts on learning, I would be a doctorate now. (Laugh)

Q: Between ‘Kim Sam Soon’ and ‘City Hall’, have you lost a lot of weight during this period?
A: I do not want to lose weight anymore. Too many mental troubles. If I want to lost weight and don’t eat, I felt a bit nervous. There was one time when I felt too trouble that my chin was covered with abscess and I had to eat 4 tables of ADM.

Q: Your cheeks are flat, you looks really thin.
A: I do alot of workouts during that time. Recently I found out that I have an abnormal jaw joints and have to do a teeth correction. I can’t eat well therefore my weight gone down.

Being a very frank lady, Kim Seon Ah has no reserves. The atmosphere was more relaxed and harmonious as a result of drinking wine. In so many questions, there is no answer on the issue on her weight.

When Kim Seon Ah was being asked about her weight, she replied: “That is a secret, you just wrote that my current weight has gone back to the weight when I was filming  ‘S Diary’.”

Weight and marriage are all women troubles. Kim Seon Ah is also worry about this.

Source From: IsPlus