Kim Seon Ah’s secret of slimming down are her braces and a large amount of lines in the drama.

Kim Seon Ah was acting in the Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ as an inspirational role of a tenth level civil servant becoming a mayor which has create a huge response from the audiences. Although Kim Seon Ah was admitted to the hospital due to fatigue but she gave her best performance in the shooting. Most importantly, she managed to shake off ‘Kim Sam Soon’ image and transformed in a light body shape lady causing a topic for the female audiences.

Kim Seon Ah’s previous round limbs and waist has become thinner, her whole body has also slim down and she looks abit haggard. She was wearing lingual braces before the filming. After the Korean TV drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’, Kim Seon Ah started to lose her weight. Beginning of this year, she was complaining about severe pain around her jaw.

The hospital gave Kim Seon Ah an examination and found out that her left jaw joint was abnormal, therefore she need to wear braces. She need to wear her braces during filming. Fortunately, the braces was set in the internal of her oral, besides having some problem with the pronunciation, it is not visible from her appearance.

Her diet became a problem as it is two times more tedious than before. She has to mouthwash and chewed on her food two times more. Thus, Kim Seon Ah naturally quit her snacks and her appetite is also substantially reduced. In addition, the tight shooting schedule is one of the reason for her to slim down too. Kim Seon Ah explained that  compared with the previous shooting, she has more lines in the drama which make her more nervous. This helps her to slim down.

During the interview on the 15th July she expressed: “As my teeth was fit with something so I couldn’t eat properly. The large amount of lines lead me to work even harder and leads to irregular diet. After the drama has ended, my weight returns back to the time when I was filming the movie ‘S Diary’. Although the braces are inconvenient but it brought good slimming result.”

Kim Seon Ah having much more self-confidence right now would be going to Hawaii on the 19th July for a photo shoot for the fashion magazine ‘ELLE’.

Source From: IsPlus