Kim Soo Hyun was chosen as the new spokesperson for SK Telecom (SKT). On the 23rd March, SKT announced that they have chose Kim Soo Hyun as their iPhone 4 model.

The representative explained that Kim Soo Hyun has showed this stable acting and extraordinary singing skills in ‘Dream High’. He’s also a Hallyu star who has established a firm fan base. We feel that he is the most suitable SKT – iphone 4 spokesperson.

In the CF, Kim Soo Hyun is talking on the phone even in the elevator. He looks really great in his dark navy colored shirt. Despite that the CF took along time to shoot, he remain his smile on this face. His CF was broadcasted on  TV on 22nd March and great responses.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun has also been chosen as a cast in Director Choi Dong Hoon’s new movie – “The Professionals”. He act as the youngest in the group and is preparing to go into shoot.

Kim Soo Hyun [CF] SK telecoms iphone4


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