Korean actor Yoon Sang Hyun has been involved in a 10 billion won compensation lawsuit.

On 28th July, Yoon Sang Hyun’s ex company Xtown Entertainment expressed: “Due to Yoon Sang Hyun dual contracts, we suffered great losses and have already made the proposal for a compensation on the damages to the Seoul Central District Court.”

Xtown Entertainment said: “Yoon Sang Hyun had signed 2 different companies contracts from August 2004 till July 2009. Recently he tore up our contract and joined M Company. Therefore Xtown Entertainment suffered a heavy loss and proposed for a compensation of 10 billion won to the court.”

Xtown Entertainment’s lawyer expressed on the amount of the compensation: “This figure includes the liquidated damages and Yoon Sang Hyun’s expenditures costs, as well as the 50 percent income stated in the contract that would obtain until 31st July. Yoon Sang Hyun’s present respective company would give a response on the legel aspects soon.

Source From: IsPlus