South Korean Media reports that South Korean female singer, 지아 (Zia) met a car accident on 1st June. According to Zia’s company, Zia’s forehead was injured and has been sent to the hospital. There are over 20 stitches on her head. 

It was reported that Zia had met the car accident in her friend’s car on her way back home. After the accident, Zia was taken to the hospital in coma. Family and friends are very worried for her.

Fortunately, Zia would not suffer from any side effects from her head injuries after several tests perform by the hospital.

However, due to the current condition of Zia, she would need several months to recover fully. Right now, Zia had to terminate all her performances and schedules.

About Zia: She debuted in 2007. She was famous for being a faceless artist, which generated alot of curiosity as to her looks and identity. She recently sang live and she isn’t really that ugly at all, although some people have criticized her for her looks.

Her first album was Voice of Heaven, which had a great song called 물꾸러미 (absentmindedly) which had a music video starring Kim Ok Bin and Shin Hyun Joon, who acted in Korean TV drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Apparently the music video cost 10 billion won to shoot.

Zia’s Music Video – Consisted of 3 parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Source about Zia from: Team liquid