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Kwon Sang Woo became the president of a cosmetics company

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Top Hallyu Star Kwon Sang Woo has became the president of a cosmetics company.

Recently Kwon Sang Woo set up a special club called the Natual Tears. Starting from end of this year, he will be selling cosmetics brand named ‘Tears’. This will be his 2nd shop after the opening of his coffee shop ‘Tea’us’ in Myeong-dong in May this year.

‘Mr Tears’ is a pet name given to Kwon Sang Woo. This pet name was given by Japanese and South East Asia fans for praising him of his crying scene. Since 2003 SBS Korean TV drama ‘Stairways To Heaven’, he has showed the audience an impressive acting tears, thus obtained this pet name. This drama acted as a turning point for him where he enjoyed a high popularity in South Korea and abroad.

Kwon Sang Woo not only operates the club personally, he also stand out to endorse the products personally. Showing a good shot of his bare upper body, he emphasized his trademark – abdominal muscles. Although he was a married man and a father, his body was as fit as before.

Kwon Sang woo planned to open his first ‘Tears1’ cosmetics shop in Myeongdong in December as a starting point of expanding more stores across the country. To make the opening memorable, he has plans to hold a signature session for his fans.

In addition, Kwon Sang Woo will come back to the scene again in the first half of next year and currently he is searching for his next performance work.

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