It was reported that Kwon Sang Woo held a press conference in his own coffee shop ‘Tea’us’ in Myeong Dong on the 4 Dec 2009 and formally announcing the beginning of his cosmetics business.

He explained: “I have been the spokesperson of the other cosmetics brand for five years and I felt the charm of the cosmetics industry. Since 2 years ago I began to prepare of this cosmetics business. I get involved personally in brand planning and product development. This cosmetics business is 100% my investment career.

‘Tears’ is a natural and low-priced cosmetics. There are currently 48 series of more than 500 kinds of products. After the opening of the 1st store in Myeong Dong, it is planned to open the 2nd store at Daegu. In February next year, the 3rd store will be open in Busan and will enter into  the duty free shops market.

Kwon Sang Woo expressed: “The people who help in the preparation in my cosmetics business are my elementary school good friends. Everyone was energetic and enthusiastic. Although in the domestic market, low priced cosmetics brand  are being saturated, we intend to adopt a new way of marketing new products in every quarter. Children series will be produced next year.”

Kwon Sang Woo explained why he named his cosmetics brand name as ‘Tears’. “Back in Philippines, when I was doing the promotion of my Korean TV drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’, fans called me ‘Mr Tears’ where I feel it a good sense of language.”

He continued: “If the time is ripe, ‘Tears’ store will develop into such a way. The 1st level selling cosmetics products and the 2nd level will be operated as the coffee shop to provide and create a rest area for the fans.”

Kwon Sang Woo also announced his next year activities. This year is so called the ‘rest period’ for him. “2010 will be an unusual year” He expressed.

He will be acting together with Cha Seung Won and BigBang’s T.O.P in the new movie ‘Into the Gunfire’. The shooting of the movie have started on 1st Dec 2009.

Kwon Sang Woo said: “My shooting will start next week and I have to cut my hair very short. The story is about student soldiers in the 6.25 war. I have mentally prepare for this shooting as it would be very different with my previous shooting. My Christmas will be spent shooting the movie.”

Source From: IsPlus

Photos From: Chosun

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