Stephen Sommers, director of the movie ‘GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ praised Lee Byung Hun who made his first step into the Hollywood movie.

Korean actor Lee Byung Hun & Director Stephen Sommers

The first stop for promoting the movie is Japan. An interview was conducted first with Lee Byung Hun and Director Stephen Sommers in the morning on 27th July while the other actors would be arrived in Japan in the afternoon.

Stephen Sommers has not stop praising Lee Byung Hun in front of the Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and any other Asian newspaper interviews. He expressed: “In the preliminary, when a photo of Lee Byung Hun was passed to me, my thought was ‘this is the person’. I felt that he is the suitable candidate.”

He went on saying: “After the shooting of the filming was finished, I can’t help but exclaimed each time when I edited the movie. By watching the replayed scenes in the editing room, I saw Lee Byung Hun’s great acting skills that I couldn’t see during the shooting. I found out that he is a profound actor who has a strong comprehensive power in understanding the script.”

He continued: “Lee Byung Hun is a very professional actor with serious attitudes and efforts. Even if I do not shoot ‘GI Joe 2′, I would like to work with him again in my next movie.”

‘GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ would be showing on 6th August in the cinema. The story was about this special elite corps which they have never failed in any impossible missions and their greatest threat, ‘Cobra’ the strong terrorist.

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