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Lee Byung Hun’s first Hollywood movie – GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

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Earlier on Lee Byung Hun accepted South Korea media interviews about his first move in filming Hollywood movie ‘GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra’, Lee Byung Hun plays the role of ‘Storm Shadow’ who is in ninja mercenary in the ‘Cobra society’ and need to take a lot of action scenes.

Lee Byung Hun said: “The Hollywood side has offer me the role in the first place, but I’m a bit hesitated. As we all know that GI Joe are well known collections series of Marvel comics and now it has been adapted into a film, which consider quite pressurize if I would to act in this film. Besides this role is very different from my previous performed role, GI Joe fans may have negative reaction on me.

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Poster – Korean Version

However when I come to think of the movie I like – ‘Transformers’ which was also adapted from Marvel comics, I feel confident that GI Joe would also bring everyone joy and regain their childhood memory when they watch the movie.”

Lee Byung Hun expressed that it was an exciting physical challenges when filming his first Hollywood movie. After the completion of filming a movie in South Korea, he has to fly immediately to the United States to prepare and accept a series of shooting, fighting and fencing training.

Lee Byung Hun said: “I cannot keep up the filming progress at the beginning because I was very unfamiliar with the whole environment. I am not very close to the Director – Stephen Sommers and other actors which included British actress Sienna Miller. In normal times, I am very quiet and love being alone. They gave me a nickname – ‘The Arrogant Asian’ which make me feel that I may have make the wrong decision of filming this Hollywood movie. Of course later on when everyone was quite familiar and close to one another, they know that I’m not that kind of person and we went out to play together every day.”

Finally, Lee Byung Hun ensure that Asian fans would see a brand new him in the GI Joe movie. He continue: “I recommend the stunts and actions in the movie, there are many actual shoots from places like Prague, Paris, Norway even Arctic. I would follow the group to tour all over and publicize the movie end of this July.”

The movie will be showing on 6th August.

Source From: Tungstar

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Hi Ying, just found this wonderful site today & thanks so much for translating and sharing this article on Lee Byung Hun. Really appreciate the good effort and keep on posting. .

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