Lee Dong Wook: “Because of my character, I have better relationship with the actresses.”

“Compared to actors, I have better relationship with actresses. I think it because of my lively personality and I love to joke therefore actresses seem to like me better.” Lee Dong Wook explained the reason why after every drama filming, there are scandals between him and the actress.

At the ‘Partners’ filming scene on the 8th July, Lee Dong Wook explained that because of his cheerful personality, therefore he has profound friendships with the actresses. Especially Lee Da Hae and Eugene, they still keep in contact by sending text messages to one another.

When he met Lee Da Hae during the drama preview, he told her: “Your hair looks like a wig.” As for Eugene, she always want him to take her to the movies. Park Si Yeon will SMS him “I’m watching your TV drama now.”

Regarding the ‘Partners’ main actress Kim Hyun Joo , he explained that: “She is the best partner.”