Korean star Lee Hong Ki talks about his love history that he nearly go on a date with a lady who is older than him.

Recently Lee Hong Ki attended the SBS TV ‘Best Friend’s Notes’ which will be broadcast on 8 January. He talks about his love story where he was being hurt by a lady.

Lee Hong Ki expressed: “There was this ‘nuna’ (sister) who I have good feeling towards her and wanted to maintain a good relationship with her. I hope to develop our relationship further. But later on, I feel very hurt after she gave me a call one day, so I’m determined to clear up this feeling.”

Through Lee Hong Ki’s confession, the guests in the show were very curious about the content of the conversation between him and that lady. However Lee Hong Ki didn’t not mentioned anything about the content of the conversation.

Lee Hong Ki’s emotional love story will be broadcast on 8 January at 9pm on SBS TV ‘Best Friend’s Notes’

Source From: MyDaily