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Lee Jun Ki appointed as the new Korea Tourism Ambassador

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Lee Jun Ki would appointed as the new Korea Tourism ambassador on 5th August by the Korea Tourism Organization.

Lee Jun Ki and the President of the Korea Tourism Organization

Lee Jun Ki received very high popularity with his Korean movie “The King and The Clown” and Korean TV dramas “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “Iljimae”.

In April this year, almost ten thousand fans attended Lee Jun Ki’s Asian Tour Concert. This shows that how popular Lee Jun Ki was in Asia.

Korea Tourism Organization expressed their views by appointing Lee Jun Ki as the new Korea Tourism ambassador.

Lee Jun Ki: “I’m the Korea Tourism Ambassador.”

Through the promotional activities that Lee Jun Ki help in publicized, they hope to promote South Korea travel to more Asian countries fans so that the South Korea tourism industry can be recovery from the impact of H1N1 as soon as possible.

Lee Jun Ki: “I’m very happy to be appointed as the Korea Tourism Ambassador.”

It is said that during the appointment ceremony which was held on 5th August,  Korea Tourism Organization has invited many Chinese medias to participate.

Lee Jun Ki felt honor to be the Korea Tourism ambassador. He was pleased to help in promoting South Korea culture and culture exchange with other countries once again.

He expressed that he would continues to work hard and put in more efforts to show a better image as an appreciation to his Asian fans who have supported him.

Source From: MyDaily

Photos From: MyDaily & Newsen

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