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Lee Jun Ki receives Martial Arts Actor award

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Korean actor Lee Jun Ki will receive an award for his contribution in promoting Korea’s traditional martial arts to the public through his work, according to his company on Thursday.

Mentor Entertainment announced in a press release that the Korea Martial Arts Coalition (KMAC) will hand Lee Jun Ki the Martial Arts Actor award at an awards ceremony on 20th December.

Lee Jun Ki had done martial arts in the SBS drama “Iljimae” and MBC’s “Time Between Dog And Wolf.”

Lee Jun Ki expressed: “When I’m doing action scenes, I can show the beauty of the physical body as well as the beauty of action movements,” Lee Jun Ki was quoted as saying. “To me, all the wounds I’ve gotten from doing action scenes feel like badges of honor. I am very honored and grateful to receive this award.”

An officer at the KMAC explained that there has been a growing interest in the media to promote traditional martial arts to the general public and that Lee Jun Ki’s work in his dramas have helped raise awareness of the sport.

Lee Jun Ki shot to instant stardom in 2005 playing a woman-like clown in the hit film “The King and the Clown” and was recently voted the most popular Korean Wave star in China. He currently stars in MBC TV series “Hero” as a passionate reporter working for a third-rate magazine.

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