South Media media reports that even though ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ had finished broadcast in South Korea for some time, this did not decrease the popularity of the drama. Recently both Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong regathered again to shoot for the Samsung Anycall’s Haptic Mission ads in the second quarter. They both mentioned that they did not really have a good rest after the drama ends and now getting more busier than before.

Kim Hyun Joong said that he had to rush for notices everyday and did not have a good sleep for four consecutive days. His dark eye is getting more serious which shows that he is lack of rest and sleep. Whenever Hyun Joong is absence from the camera, his face looks really tired. Fans presented at the shooting location can see that and they are really worried and concerned about him.

As for Lee Min Ho, he just came back to Korea two days ago from the ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ campaign in Taiwan. After which is a non-stop busy schedule for him. He needs to prepare for his first fans meeting session and his new single. He expressed that he hope that fans at the meeting session would able to see his versatile.

To conclude, both shouted that they have not enough rest due to their busy schedule.

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