Because of his busy schedule, Lee Min Ho, the actor who act as the leader of F4 in ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ would have to postponed his leg surgery to June.

He hurted his leg during his holidays in 2006 in a traffic accident and have to perform a surgery to insert the steel plates and pin to hold his bones together. Since his bones are now fully recovered, it’s time for him to go for the surgery to removed them out.

His surgery was actually schedule in May. But as for now he has to finish all the commercials shooting in May before he can go for his leg surgery.

His company had stated those commercials that he has involved in become more and more popular as a result more companies invited him to shoot in their commercials. Though Lee Min Ho do not have much problem with his leg or his walking but it would be better to removed the steel plates and pin as soon as possible. Lee Min Ho would go for his surgery after his last commercial shoot in end of May.

Besides all his commercials shooting, Lee Min Ho was going to hold his first solo fan meeting birthday party on 22nd June at the ‘Dome Art Hall’ and performing  live for his fans.

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