Lee Min Ho expressed gratitude to receive K.Will’s latest album as a gift from K.Will himself.

K.Will’s second album will was released on 5th November. After which he signed on his album and gave it to Lee Min Ho as a gift. Last year when Lee Min Ho was preparing for his fans meeting concerts, K.Will acted as his music guidance teacher. Taking this opportunity, both of them have been keeping contact and gradually getting more closer.

Lee Min Ho expressed: “I’m very touched. I listened to the songs repeatedly. K.Will’s unique grief voice blended well with the lyrics. This main theme song is really good.”

According to Lee Min Ho’s company representative, Lee Min Ho has been persuading people around him to listen to K.Will’s song ‘Miss, Miss, Miss’. Lee Min Ho actively help to promote K.Will’s song.

K.Will – Miss, Miss, Miss

Source From: IsPlus