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Lee Min Ho turned down expensive birthday gifts

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Lee Min Ho returned all his expensive birthday gifts back to his fans during his birthday party ‘Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert‘. Lee Min Ho has reminded his agent to turn down all the value or high priced gifts that are more than 3 million won. All these gifts includes branded suits, watches and shoes.

One of the agent has said: “Although Lee Min Ho has alot of middle school students fans, he also has many middle aged fans who got the financial abilities to buy expensive gifts. Some of these high priced gifts are shared among members in the fans. However if the high priced gift is bought by an individual, the gift will be returned back to that person.

He received 5 laptops on his birthday party. Recently there has been a new report about Lee Min Ho likes playing online games at home. Therefore, resulting many fans to bought the most advanced configuration notebook as Lee Min Ho’s birthday present.

Lee Min Ho’s agent expressed that: “Lee Min Ho would keep one or two laptops for his use. The rest of the laptops would be donated to the orphanages home and other welfares under Lee Min Ho and his fans name.

On the same day, Lee Min Ho also received underwear, handkerchiefs, bath supplies, blankets and other things given by the fans in order to express their sincere wishes to Lee Min Ho.

Another representative explained the reasons why they turned down those expensive gifts. He explained: “There are some fans who would ask for special requirements when they gave those high priced gifts. By using the name of sending those high priced gifts, some fans would requested to dine alone with Lee Min Ho. Some of them would requested to access to the staff lounge which only staff could access. Therefore it would be at ease to turn down those expensive gifts from the beginning.

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nurul farahin

September 17th, 2010 at 3:12 am

hey, lee min ho. i like you because you very simple and cool i want friend you as best friend i but i be in malaysia

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