Lee Seung Gi appeared in one of the top Japanese variety show “SMAP X SMAP” hosted by the top Japanese group, SMAP.

This Japanese program premiered in 1996 and has been continuously broadcast for the past 15 years. It’s still the most popular Japanese variety program in Japan. The program is broadcast on every Monday at 10pm. Not only it’s Fuji TV best program but also the best variety program in the entire Japanese entertainment industry.

This episode with Lee Seung Gi appearing as a special guest was actually taken in March but had been delay in broadcast to 13th June due to the Tsunami earthquake in Japan.

Lee Seung Gi acted as Gumi’s (Yumiko Shaku – the actress in the show) Korean boyfriend who meet her ex-boyfriend, Inagaki Goro at a party. The production team and cast were impressed by Lee Seung Gi frequent Japanese. Netizens also commented on Lee Seung Gi’s great acting and frequent Japanese language.

Source From: TV Daily
Youtube Video: hanhanrize