South Media reported that Kwon Sang Woo had opened his first Coffee shop in May this year named “Tea’us” and claimed that he wanted to entertain and service all his fans in Asia who come and visit his coffee shop.

Although fans felt a little surprised that their idol had suddenly turned into a “Coffee Prince” but Kwon Sang Woo expressed that it was a long time dream of his and he has spent a lot of time preparing it.

Finally when the coffee shop has opened, Kwon Sang Woo said that family members have given him their support and encouragement. He mentioned: “In the past, I only know about working hard in my job. I have very little concern for my family. However after marriage, especially when I have kid, I hope for a more stable life and to be able to share my happiness with my family.”

At this time, he began to has the idea of setting up his own coffee shop. His wife has also given him a lot of encouragement and support which he makes him feels the care and concern of his family.

“Tea’us” 1st shop was opened last month. According to relevant source, the turnover is still quite profitable. Most of the customers are from Japan who visited the shop because Kwon Sang Woo. As the boss, Kwon Sang Woo hope to expand his coffee shop into a franchise so that his business could grow bigger in strength. So that more fans could come to his store and enjoy the good times, even have some ‘surprises’.

Kwon Sang Woo expressed: “Most of the customers now are from Japan, a number of them are from Singapore, Philippines and China. I would find time to come to the shop and if I happen to met some fans in the shop, I would spend time chatting with them.”

For his future plans, Kwon Sang Woo has show great self confidence. He expressed: “Tea’us” 2nd shop will be opening soon in Sinchon. In future, the shop will holds variety of media conferences, movies seminars and cultural activities. The shop will regularly organized charity sales or public activities. I would like to turn “Tea’us” into a multi-cultural element of art. Hoping to get everyone support.”