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New Generation Korean Actresses

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Right now in South Korea who are the new generation famous actresses? For movie we have Park Bo Young from ‘Speed Scandal‘ and as for the drama will be Goo Hye Sun and Kim So Eun from ‘Boys Before Flowers‘.

Left to Right: Goo Hye Sun, Park Bo Young, Kim So Eun

By acting in the movie ‘Speed Scandal‘ that hits eight million viewers had bring Park Bo Young to be ranked up to the first line actress. She had also being awarded with the Best Newcomer Award in the sixth MaxMovie Best Feature Film Award Ceremony. Before starring in the movie ‘Speed Scandal‘, she has been appeared in numerous movies and TV dramas. This helps her to accumulate her experience in acting who is now a new generation star.

Park Bo Young

As long as the role is 10 to 20 year old plus, Park Bo Young is the first candidate to be chosen. Park Bo Young currently is a Dankook University student studying Drama Film professional in her 2nd year.

Goo Hye Sun and Kim So Eun who both acted in the high ratings Korean TV series ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ have become the new generation dream girls for all boys. Many people love Goo Hye Sun’s joyful and Kim So Eun’s quiet character in the drama.

Goo Hye Sun

After her filming in the ‘Boys Before Flowers‘, Goo Hye Sun wrote a novel book named ‘Tango’. She will be holding a exhibition displaying her 50 pieces works on the 1st to 7th July in Seoul Museum. Her 50 pieces of work are designs and illustrations for her novel ‘Tango’ as well as some of her creative works when she was filming ‘Boys Before Flowers’ during overseas.

After her filming in the ‘Boys Before Flowers‘, Kim So Eun has been busy filming her new movie ‘Fourth Period Murder Mystery’ with Yoo Seung Ho. The filming has completed recently. The story of this movie is about a mysterious murder that took place in a high school and the 2 main characters will need to find out who is the murder within the limited one hour given. If they can’t they will have to bear the murder charges themselves.

Kim So Eun and Yoo Seung Ho

Kim So Eun has also recently acted as one of the main character in her new Korean TV drama ‘The Man Who Can’t Get Married’.

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