South Korea media report that while Rain was preparing for his fans meeting in Macau he was informed about the news of Michael Jackson’s death. Michael Jackson’s death was a heavy blow to Rain who completely could not accept and believe that this is a fact.


This morning while Rain was ready to exit from South Korea Incheon International Airport and flying to Macau for his fans meeting session, a reporter told him the news about Michael Jackson’s death. Rain could not conceal his expression of surprise and immediately call his friends to confirm the news. After verify from his friends, he expressed that the news was too sudden and he was not able to accept it. He cannot believe that this generation big star has left this world that loved him.

Rain also revealed that Michael Jackson is like his teacher to him and has influence him to be what he is today. Even now he has gone, he will always remain in people’s hearts and always be the King of Pop. Although the news bring great pains in his heart but he will always be his idol.

Rain will be at the Venetian Hotel in Macau tomorrow. He will be having his own fashion brands and fashion concert. Tonight, he will be celebrating his birthday with the Hong Kong and Macau fans at the same venue.

Neither do I could accept MJ’s death. Felt shocked and sad at the same time. I have been listening to his songs since young when I was 5 years old. Rest in Peace MJ, you will always be remember.