“Isn’t that Song Hye Kyo? Oh, She is beautiful!” shouted by a sharp eyed tourist who spotted her in the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base on 4th June afternoon. Sure enough, this special guest is none other than Korean actress Song Hye Kyo. Even though, she does not put on any make up, but beautiful Song Hye Kyo still drew many tourists to stop by and take a glimpse at her.

A representative mentioned that they arrived in the morning and after they have visited the pandas in the afternoon they would left Chengdu. Because they had to rush for this trip, therefore they did not notify the media.

Song Hye Kyo was wearing a white T-shirt, gray shorts and a gray pair of canvas shoes. Without any make up on her face, she seem like the girl next door. There were many tourists taking pictures of her and saying hello to her. Although there was a language barrier among Song Hye Kyo and them, she replied them with her most brilliant smile. Tourists find that she is very friendly and approachable.

Perhaps this is the first time that Song Hye Kyo get a close interact with the pandas, she is very curious about them and asked the translator to translate almost every words to get a better understanding of the pandas.

Song Hye Kyo was very excited and eager to visit the pandas as she know the great importance of having this panda breeding base. She and her assistant were asking to change into the anti-bacteria gown in order to meet the pandas. Looking at the giant panda in her arms, she was thrilled.

One baby panda was still sleeping when Song Hye Kyo came. Being interrupted, this baby panda accidentally scratched song Hye Kyo’s smooth skin when she was hugging her. Leaving a red mark on Song Hye Kyo’s skin. Song Hye Gye don’t really mind, she was still pleased to play with the giant pandas and fed the baby pandas in the activities areas.

As they did not inform the media about this trip to Chengdu, fans are very concerned about the previous rumors about her relationship with Rain. However Song Hye Kyo as well as her manager did not make any response to this topic.