Lee Min Ho held a fan meeting session in Taipei, Taiwan on the 15th Dec. Before the fans meeting session there was a press conference at the Taipei Westin Hotel.

At the press conference, Lee Min Ho expressed: “Although I came to Taiwan previously to promote my drama, this time I came alone to meet my fans directly. Even though my singing is poor, but I hope that everyone will finds me adorable.”

The same day evening at 8pm, Lee Min Ho performed at the Taipei’s National Taiwan University Stadium in his fans meeting session. He sang 2 songs from the ‘Boys Before Flowers’ soundtrack – ‘My Everything’ and ‘Boys Before Flowers’ main theme.

Lee Min Ho said that his greatest charm is his friendliness. He continued: “Although there was script for the fans meeting session, I don’t really read it. I often joke so that time pass more easily. Therefore I hope to learn more foreign languages. Because if I would to tell a Korean joke, the meaning will be different and it takes time to translate, if no one laugh, I will feel very embarrassed.”

Lee Min Ho’s sister speaks English very well. Currently he is learning English from his sister and he said it embarrassingly that his English is still at a very basic level.

‘Boys Before Flowers’ receives very high popularity in Taiwan and Japan. Lee Min Ho said: “Compared to Japanese fans, South Korea and Taiwan fans are more aggressive in showing their love. He smiled and said: “When I was at the airport immigration office, a fan pinched me at my bottom. I turned around quickly to look but that person had already disappeared. I seem to understand how a woman felt when she had been sexually harassed as I have such experience now.”

Lee Min Ho had never miss any episodes of Korean TV drama ‘IRIS’. He said: “I see Lee Byung Hun as a role model. If the production team ask me to act in ‘IRIS2′, I will actively consider. Although I received a lot of support through ‘Boys Before Flowers’ but it also consider as a heavy burden as my next drama has to be a great success too. Currently I’m choosing my next drama, hope to see everyone soon in the first half of next year.”

Being asked if Goo Hye Sun (who is preparing to direct a movie) will to ask if he will like to act in her movie, will he accept the invitation? Lee Min Ho laughed and said: “There was once she showed me the script and I told her that I’m busy. She replied by saying: “I do not have the idea of asking you to act in my movie.”

Source From: IsPlus