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Top Korean Stars performing for Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2009

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To celebrate the success of ‘Year 2009 Incheon Visit’ and ‘Incheon World City Celebration’, in particular the ‘Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2009’ was being held. This event gathers the most top Korean stars to perform together in the Korean concerts and Korean fans meeting sessions.

The event is host by Incheon state and sponsor by Incheon Tourism Organization, Incheon World Urban Festival, MBC, MBC ESPN and HH Company.

The Incheon Korean Music Wave 2009 will be held at the Incheon Literary Arena on this coming Saturday 22nd Aug at 7pm. Stars performing will be Rain, Super Junior, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), SS501, 2PM, F.T Island, Kara, MC Mong, Lee Min Woo, Lee Jung Hyun, Chae Yeon and so on.

In this coming event, there would be about 50,000 spectators to breathe together with the singers, it will definitely leave the spectators a memorable time of happiness.

‘Korean Incheon 2009 Concert’ would be shown on the MBC’s Show Music Center, fans who are not able to participate in the concert, can feel the atmosphere by watching it on TV.

Another event of Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2009 would be the ‘Incheon Korean Star Wave 2009’. It would start from Lee Min Woo’s Minnovation Tour concert. Follow by will be SS501’s signature session and schedule overseas fans meeting session.

Just last sat 15th August at 5pm was the Lee Min Woo’s Minnovation Tour in Incheon Song Do. Fans have an unforgettable memories with Lee Min Woo performing talk show and playing games. The previous day, Lee Min Woo held a ‘M autograph’ session in the Incheon City.

Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2009 gather a large number of top Korean star, not only the Korea would looking forward to this event, Asia has also focus on the activities held. Because of this, there are a lot of news media, radio and television media reporting about it. Therefore the effectiveness of the  publicity has became very exciting.

Foreigners can also participate in the Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2009. So that it would deepen the relationships among nations. This event would gathers and attracts a large numbers of tourists to visit Incheon. In future more people would come travel to Incheon.

With the death of former President Kim Daejung, the festival is postponed to Sep 5,2009

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