It’s Sunday! A time to relax, sit back and read my post that I have posted on my blog. On Thursday I wrote a post about Kim Seon Ah and that reminds me to write a post about something related.

Therefore, today I’m going to talk about the Korean TV drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon‘. It has been one of my favorite Korean drama ever. I guess that some readers are also addict for this Korean TV drama too. I have quite a few posts on this drama but I would post this article first.

Today I am talking about episode 6. In episode 6 there was a scene in the beginning where Sam Soon came home alighting the bus. After she get down from the bus, she happen to see Min Hyun Woo waiting at the pavilion for her.

She completely ignored him and continued her way back home. Min Hyun Woo managed to chase up and talked to her. Now compare the 2nd picture and the 3rd picture, can you see that Min Hyun Woo’s long sleeve shirt had changed? Previously the dark brown was on his right side and now it was on the left side. Amazing right?

The reason I can think of was that they have these 2 scenes filmed on different days and the costume department may have got mixed up with these two shirts as they had the same design but on different side. Well, at least we know something, this shirt come in two designs.