The ‘Boys Before Flowers’ campaign in Japan on the 5th Sept was a very successful one. There are a lot of good music and nice performances. Artists from South Korea have a good time with their fans in Japan.

Kim So Eun expressed: “This is a very good event which allows fans to have a better understanding of me. She continued: “And I’m very close to Jan Di, just like a family. But I don’t like So Yi Jung.”

In a love relationship Kim So Eun expressed: “If I’m in love, I hope that my partner would understand the needs of my work. In ‘Boys Before Flowers’, Ga Eul is a very good girl. She seems to have the ability to solve all the problems and leads her boyfriend in the right direction.”

She also mentioned about the love scene she has with Kim Bum in BOF: “Kim Bum and I are from the same university, and there are love sences that we were both so embarrassed about. There was one scene which I have to fell onto Kim Bum’s arms, and both of us were really very embarrassed. Although Kim Bum is very lively in school, he is very serious during filming. This is another side of him.

At the same time, Kim So Eun hopes to be an amazing actress. She wants to act in different roles and hope that Japanese fans will continue to support her.

Source From: Asiae