City Hall’s production crews and artistes team up to give Cha Seung Won a big surprise!

At 8 o’clock in the morning on 7th June, Cha Seung Won was filming the SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ in Seoul. He received a birthday cake prepared by the crews. It was the same day that Cha Seung Won was filming a scene that he was dining with the members of the election in a congee shop.

In advance of knowing that it was Cha Seung Won’s birthday, the production team arrived an hour before him to get ready the birthday cake. When Cha Seung Won appeared, more than 50 staff members began to sing the birthday song together. Cha Seung Won was quite embarrassed. However he blew out the candle and thanked them one by one.

Finally Cha Seung Won shared his hot rice cakes that was given by his fans for celebrating his birthday with the production team and the other actors. ‘City Hall’ will be broadcast till mid of July.