The adorable “ajussi” from ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince‘, Lee Sun Gyun got married to his wife, Jeon Hye Jin on 23rd May after 6 and half years of courtship. The wedding was held at the AW Convention Center Grand Ballroom in a private ceremony at 6pm. However photos have been released to share their joy with the nation.

Presiding over the event were Lee Sun Gyun’s best friends, Hong Sung Bo and Oh Man Seok. Singing the nuptial songs were Kim Chang Wan, Zitten, Tearliner and Lee Sun Gyun himself. Lee Sun Gyun sang Ocean Travel (original performed by Tearliner) which he had sang to Chae Jung Ahn in Coffee Prince, but to his wife this time.

Earlier on this april, Lee Sun Gyun had also announced at the press conference that Jeon Hye Jin was five weeks pregnant and they were expecting their first child this December.

When asked by the reporters the reason why he suddenly decided on marriage, he replied that it’s not sudden, as they have been thinking of getting married within the year. Last year when they consider marriage, they felt anxious and got carried away. So they decided to cool off and have some time alone. But when Jeon Hye Jin blocked off communication and went off traveling, he became worried and he realised that he cannot separate from her.

After having the sweet, harmonious relationship for 6 and half years, Lee Sun Gyun cannot break up with Jeon Hye Jin and he laughed while he think of that. He know that he going to have to marry her.

The newly-weds will not be heading for their honeymoon straight after their wedding as Lee Sun Gyun will be busy with filming for MBC’s Korean TV Drama ‘Triple’ and Korean movie ‘Paju’.

On behalf of, best wishes to the newly-wedded couple!

Photos: Iweddingsnetworks