Oh! 1.2 million won sportswear? The value of that Hyun Bin’s sportswear news has made everyone frown.

On 29 December, yelocloc concluded its design and copyright registration of Hyun Bin’s sportswear appeared in the Korean drama ‘Secret Garden’. It’s the real thing this time. They mentioned that the Hyun Bin’s genuine sportswear is made of Italian fabric, so the company priced it at 1.2 million won and planned to sold it online at this moment.

In addition, taking into account of the imitation goods in the market, the company also plan to implement laws and take action against those who wear or sell the imitation goods after 31 December 2010.

To made the sportswear so precious, the company will provided certificates to their 500 customers who bought the sportswear to certifies & guarantee that the sportswear is plated with genuine 18K gold.

Source From: Isplus.co.kr