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Goo Hye Sun’s magic trick – Jan Di’s short hair in Boys Before Flowers

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I guess the hottest and most popular Korean TV drama right now is ‘Boys Before Flowers’. So I wrote this post while the iron is still hot. I don’t know whether anyone did notice but let’s us find out a special magic trick that Goo Hye Sun has performed for us in ‘Boys Before Flowers’.

We are looking at episode 4 today. The scene where F3 was sending Min Seo Hyun off at the airport. The 1st two screenshots was Jan Di asking Jun Pyo about the question whether to hide your feelings when you like someone a lot.

When it time to send Min Seo Hyun off, we can see Min Seo Hyun began to talk to F3 and Jan Di individually.

Finally when the scene stop at Jan Di. Notice anything different? Yes that’s right! Her hair became longer.

Okay let’s continue, after sending Min Seo Hyun off, Ji Hoon appeared. On the forth screenshot you can see that Jan Di’s hair turned shorter again!

Ji Hoon confessed that he bought the air ticket and would be flying to Paris to look for Seo Hyun. This time F3 and Jan Di were sending him off instead and your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you, Jan Di’s hair gets longer once again!

After they finished sending off both Seo Hyun and Ji Hoon, remember Jan Di and Min Ho were having coffee at the road side where the airplanes were flying over them. This time you could see Jan Di’s hair turned shorter back again.

The reason that I can think of was they have the airport scene shooting on one day and the other plane sending off scene shooting on another day which Goo Hye Sun’s hair may have grow longer then. Try and watch episode 4 again and spot the difference. More posts would be coming up.

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jar jar binx

September 5th, 2010 at 6:36 pm

Didn’t even see that!!! You’ve got good eyesight!!!!!



July 17th, 2011 at 4:48 pm

Wow, you’re good I did not notice that.

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