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Honey Lee turned into a Jazz Singer

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Miss Korea, Honey Lee transforms herself from a beauty lady lawyer into a jazz singer in the KBS2 TV drama ‘Partners’ giving viewers a different kind of feeling.

In the Korean TV series ‘Partners’ the youngest lawyer Kim Dong Wook imagine Honey Lee as a jazz singer from the old Beijing times who has a very attractive profile. ‘Partner’ TV drama director Kim Won Suk personally selected this song ‘I am fool to want you’ for Honey Lee. Honey Lee spent two weeks practicing and personally sang this song in the drama.

The singing teacher who was in charge of guiding Honey Lee in singing the song was amazed by her powerful voice and sense of pitch. The teacher sigh and say that: “She can be a singer immediately.” The teacher also praised Honey Lee has fully digested jazz music especially when she need to tempt the men in one of the drama scene. She has display the beauty of singing jazz song while walking to the audiences.

The original script was that Honey Lee has to tempt Kim Dong Wook while playing an ancient Chinese zither. However the director has the script changed when he watched Honey Lee’s jazz singing performance last year May in ‘Yun Hee Jung and Friends Jazz Concert’ and was very satisfied with her performance.

In order to transform into a jazz singer from the 30s, Honey Lee has to tie up her hair, wear tight skirts to give viewers the beauty mysterious feelings. Catch the sexy Honey Lee in the Korean TV drama ‘Partners’ tonight.

Photos From: KBS and Joins

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