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Ji Jin Hee’s trademark sneerful smile

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Monday and Tuesday new KBS Korean TV drama ‘The men who can’t get married’ starring Ji Jin Hee has become the ‘sneer man’.

Ji Jin Hee plays as a lonely single man Cho Jae Hee in his 40s who acted quite comedy in the drama. Attractive Ji Jin Hee sneers at others in almost every episode of the drama which caused viewers to laugh at his comedy expression and gradually increase his popularity.

In the drama, Cho Jae Hee is famous architect but he is a perfectionist and stubborn person. He has pride in his art work and does not even allow his customers to interfere. He has a strange personality and has never show concern for others. In addition, he would voice out his disagreements if he has any dissatisfaction towards that person. He has his own unique values and most of the time he would enjoy himself in his own world. A unpredictable unique character.

In order to make the drama even funnier, Ji Jin Hee’s comedy sneerful smile has become his trademark. Generally when everyone was talking about a very interesting topic, he would show an expression of depression that he is not interested which others could not do anything about it. Whether in work, conversation, or received praises from someone, he would simply just ignored and make his ‘Ji Jin Hee’s sneerful smile’ which much represent this unique character in this drama. With this, the drama received audiences enthusiastic responses.

In the drama, he has taken serious action for all situations, however unintentionally he had created comedy for the audiences. Despite of his annoying actions, audiences are still attracted to his unpredictable charactertics.

KBS2 TV Korean TV drama ‘The man who can’t get married’ has adapted the idea from Japanese TV series with the same name. The Japanese TV series was broadcast in Japan in 2006 which received high ratings and recognized by the audiences.

Source From: Chosun

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May 27th, 2011 at 10:38 pm

i love Kekkon Dekinai Otoko…
i haven’t wathced this Korean version,but i’d love to 🙂

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