Previously I was talking about the most heart warming kissing scene, today I’ll continue to talk about a kissing scene in Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flower‘. Can you still remember the scene where Jan Di was selling biscuits on the road and happen that a car passed by and Jun Pyo and his mother was inside the car. In the end, Jun Pyo got off the car and walked up to Jan Di and kissed her! Oh..isn’t he cool!

Ahem..okay back to what I’m trying to say. Let’s us look at the 2 pictures below. Obviously that is the scene where both Jun Pyo and Jan Di kissed on the road. In the first picture it was before Jan Di get kiss from Jun Pyo. Notice Jan Di’s hand, the pack of biscuits was dropped on the road.

In the second picture it was when both of them kissed, now Jan Di’s hand is holding to the pack of biscuits. Isn’t it amazing! The pack of biscuits flew back to Jan Di’s hand in a second.

:) Well I guess the scene was taken with a “NG”. However in the drama, they only shown the scene with Jan Di holding on the pack of biscuits.