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KBS Korean TV Drama ‘The Man Who Can’t Get Married’ ratings increased

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KBS new Korean TV drama ‘The man who can’t get married’ was only introduced recently to the audience have make their way to the runner up position in the ratings board.

According to the statistics reported by TNS Media Korea, the drama hit a viewers’ rate of 8.8% during its broadcast the 23th June evening. Once again the drama wins the ‘Princess Ja Myung Go’ ratings 7.4% and sat on the runner up position.

With 30% ratings, MBC Korean TV Drama ‘Queen Seon Duk’ remains in their top position on Monday and Tuesday TV drama show. ‘The man who can’t get married’ has beaten ‘Princess Ja Myung Go’ 4 times in a row. The story about a perfect 40 years old man delaying in his marriage seem to be a very attractive vision of the audience.

In addition with good actors like Ji Jin Hee, Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim So Eun starring in the drama, its ratings continue to climb. Viewers should be expecting to watch the development of the story.

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