Kim Bum endured a lot of hardships for his new SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’. He ran 100 meters back and forth on the beach at a high temperature.

SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’ is a story about young players who started fighting and became a fighter. Kim Bum plays the role of a juvenile teen who become the best fighter with the tough training under the high temperature in the summer at the beach.

On 30th July at 7am, ‘Dream’ production crews arrived at Incheon beach to shoot the scene. In the drama, Park Jung Chul (Acted by Lee Hoon) who have won 125 victories agreed to Nam Jae Yul (Acted by Joo Jin Mo) to coach Lee Jang Suk (Acted by Kim Bum) and trained him to be the most outstanding player.

In order to achieve that, Kim Bum has to begin with the basic physical fitness training. Therefore Kim Bum have to run 100 meters back and forth on the beach with a tyre tied to him in order for the cameraman to shoot at different angles. After the director was finally satisfied with the scenes, Kim Bum said: “I don’t even have the strength to walk now.”

Crews and audiences who came and watch the filming gave applauses to Kim Bum for his dedicated professionalism in his acting. This scene of Kim Bum’s hard training would be broadcast on 4th August.