The name ‘Kim Seoh Ah’ may sounds unfamiliar to you. But if I would to mention that she is the leading actress in the Korean drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon‘, then that would ring a bell to you.

In her new drama role, Kim Seon Ah demonstrated how she would look like when she get thrown with more than 200 eggs.

Photo by SBS TV Station

In this new Korean drama ‘City Hall’ (시티홀), Kim Seon Ah act as a civil servant role named ‘Shin Mi Rae’. She won the title of ‘Miss champion’ but was unable to get her cash prize. Due to this, she went on for a strike alone. In the end, more than 10 individuals people were throwing eggs at her. Her beautiful dress and championship crown was covered with egg white and yolk.

Producer stated that those villages who were standing there watching were shocked when they saw the whole shooting process. The same scene of the 10 people throwing eggs at Kim Seon Ah kept repeating until the villages commented that it was so surprising and this scene look so real to them. They felt so tense up and anxious. As they did not expect the actress (Kim Seon Ah) to be suffered so much and feeling pity for her.

Kim Seoh Ah said that she had never in her life been thrown with so many eggs. Normally she would not cry during any filming, however the feeling of being thrown with more than 200 eggs had made her dropped her tears. Her face, head, neck to toe was swollen and covered with bruised. She stated that she still feel fear in her when she recall the scene.

The scene would be broadcast in the Korean drama ‘City Hall’ (시티홀) on the 14th May 2009.

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