KBS2TV will be broadcasting a new Korean TV drama ‘Partners’. Posters and images of Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo have already been released to the public. These posters turned out to be eye-catching because of their new lawyers images.

Kim Hyun Joo starring as ‘Kang Eun Ho’ would be acting as a ‘Ajumma’, who only pass her judicial examination as a lawyer at a much older age. A brand new life had started for Eun Ho. As a lawyer, Eun Ho get to experience and empathy for her client’s pains and tears. she would fight the court cases for her clients regardless of the sum of money they would pay her. She hopes to bring those criminals to justice.

Lee Dong Wook on the other hand acts as ‘Lee Tae Jo’ who is a super talented but cold-hearted lawyer. There are some scenes in the drama that Lee Dong Wook needs to act as a passionate lawyer, and some scenes that he need to turn out to be very arrogant again. Therefore this drama put as a test on his acting skills.

Both of them worked in the same lawyer firm. They are assigned as partners, but clash due to opposing views and options. As Eun Ho is a more emotional lawyer, she tend to help to speak behalf of those who are victimized. Tae Jo on the other hand was just being ‘business’.

The drama uses the court as the stage to explore the true nature of humans and seeks to give realistic portrayal of the Korean legal system and courts. It also describes about how lawyers debated among themselves using their mouth as their weapons. ‘Partner’ is a 16 episode series that would be broadcast starting on 24th June, following the ending of ‘That Fool’.