After the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’ debut in Taiwan, Taiwan fans had been long waited for their idol Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun to come to Taiwan for the publicity of Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers‘.

Alot fans had been waiting at the airport just to welcome them and had a glimpse of their idols. After which, they rushed to their press conference in the afternoon. Both idols mentioned that they are very glad come to Taiwan especially when they see so many fans arrived at press conference.

Still feeling a bit tense, Goo Hye Sun said that this is the first time she come to Taiwan. She was very pleased to have so many fans at the airport. She also mentioned that since the distance to Taiwan is not very far, she would come more often.

Being a couple in the drama, they cannot run away from the questions on their kissing scene. At this moment, Goo Hye Sun looked very shy with a smile, and Lee Min Ho was left to answer the question.

At the press conference, both idols was given each a traditional Chinese style clothes. 10 lucky fans were asked upon to the stage to have photo sessions with their idols. There are also fans who struggled to move forward to show their enthusiasm towards their idols which caused a small disputes at the scene. However there are still lucky fans who are able to get a hand shake from their idols.

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