KBS Korean TV drama ‘My Fair Lady’ received the highest ratings on its final episode shown on 8th October.

According to TNS Media statistics, the final episode of ‘My Fair Lady’ received a national ratings of 19%, making the highest percentage ever since this drama was broadcast. Compared to 7th October (16.1%), the ratings has increased by nearly 2.9%.

Yoon Eun Hye returned back drama ‘My Fair Lady’ ended with a happy ending. Wealthy lady, Yoon Eun Hye and Housekeeper, Yoon Sang Hyun were finally together. Jeong Il Woo and Mun Chae Won’s character have also became a pair.

‘My Fair Lady’ debuted with a high ratings of 17.4% but during the broadcast, the drama has been set back by ‘Swallowed Sun’ which ended up only in the second place. As ‘Swallowed Sun’ coming to an end, ‘My Fair Lady’ ratings increased and restored it first position. The drama continued to stay on the top till the final episode.