SBS Korean TV Drama ‘City Hall’ (시티홀) that was aired on 21st May hits a new TV record ratings once again. In this episode (8th episode), viewers get to see Jo Gook and Shin Mi Rae’s sweet show of attraction.

Jo Gook finally started to develop wonderful feelings towards Shin Mi Rae, however he reacted his feeling in a funny way. That’s why the main reason for the sharp rise in the ratings. Jo Gook and Shin Mi Rae both embark on a bicycle trip. In the journey, Mi Rae disclose her true feelings towards Jo Gook. However, Jo Gook in particular replied her that not to believe in men especially someone like him to make it a clean break.

Having spending the night with Jo Gook in a tent, Jo Gook proposal that Mi Rae should participate in the election for the Mayor of Inju City. Mi Rae was furious at first as she thought that Jo Gook’s motive of asking her to go for the trip act as an excuse not to travel with her but to make her participate in the election.

However, Jo Gook confessed that by asking her to participate in the Mayor election act as an excuse to be able to travel with her. Upon hearing this remark, Mi Rae’s heart was touched and excited.

Jo Gook’s delicate feelings towards Mi Rae has finally began!

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