SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ grand finale would be broadcast today. In episode 19 which was broadcast yesterday, there was a scene where Cha Seung Won and Kim Seon Ah have to stand in the rain for 6 hours. Regardless of being soaked in the rain for 6 hours, the production team was touched by their professionalism.

This ‘Rain Controversial’ scene was shoot on the SBS Mountain Park Studios. Cha Seung Won and Kim Seon Ah suffered quite physically just to shoot this scene. Although both of them are in love, but Cha Seung Won has to break up with Kim Seon Ah because of his political status. Secretly he was worried about Kim Seon Ah and came questioning her, in fact he does not know that his impulsive words had hurt her instead of comforting her. The two actors were very professional as they stood in the rain for 6 hours until the director was satisfied with the shooting.

In order for both actors to find the right feeling and mood to act in the heavy rain, they never got to rest during the shooting. Production crews are very concerned. One of the production crew expressed: “Looking at Kim Seon Ah getting soaked in the rain regardless of her health, we would moved by her professionalism and are afraid that she might catch a cold or feel discomfort.”

The drama has received high ratings ever since it started broadcast in 29th April. The grand finale would be broadcasting tonight. Viewers are excited about knowing what would be the outcome of the relationship between the couple, whether they would be together for good.

By watching this drama, I was really touched by their professionalism too. Both Cha Seung Won and Kim Seon Ah were great actors. For those who haven’t started watching, it’s time to catch the drama!