South Media reports that SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ has the grand finale broadcast yesterday night. The drama has hit the overall TV champion record ratings at 20%.

TNS media reports that according to their statistic research, episode 20 of ‘City Hall’ has set a record of 19.6% of the ratings, hence became the winner of the overall TV ratings. The drama breaks it own record on the 25th June of 18.3% with an increase of 2%.

Due to the impact of the ‘City Hall’ ratings, the 2 dramas ‘Partner’ and ‘Triple’ ratings remained in single digits. KBS2 TV drama ‘Partners’ has a rating of 7.7% and MBC TV drama ‘Triple’ received 6.8% ratings. These 2 dramas would still lost their ratings to ‘City Hall’ even if both ratings were added up.

In the drama ‘City Hall’, Cha Seung Won and Kim Seon Ah experience troubled mayor elections and government trivial matter led them two to be parted. They could not forget each other and finally this day they would together.

Producer has expressed: “Cha Seung Won and Kim Seon Ah’s acting were full of praise. Viewers felt pain when they watched their breaking up scene, and they felt touched when they watched the proposal scene. Both of them looked quite match. They really looked like a couple. This proposal seems to be like another Korean classic romantic scenes.”

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Photos From: SBS TV Station

Ratings From: TNS Media Korea

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