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SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’ – Happy ending, poor ratings

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SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’ has ended on the 29th September. According to the South Korea ratings company TNS statistics, the last episode received 5.8% of the national ratings.

Same as the drama title ‘Dream’, all the artists in the drama have reached their dreams with a happy ending. Jang Suk (Kim Bum) re-duel with his rival, Do Pil (Kim Woong). At the end of the battle, Do Pil said he does not fit to win the championship belt and choose to leave. Jang Suk won the championship belt and joined in the police force.

Jae Il (Joo Jin Mo) represented Kyung Taek (Park Sang Won) to participate in the activities of a super coach. As for So Yeon (Son Dam Bi), she started a new life and found a job in the super coaching centre. The drama ended with a happy ending for everyone however the ratings have been less satisfactory.

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April 11th, 2010 at 5:51 am

Dream KBS is one of the best drama ever! really love the ending. 🙂

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