Korean star Kwon Sang Woo along with his friends, had just opened his first new coffee shop named Tea’us on the 16th May in Myeongdong at 3pm. The 33 year old actor was present at the launch of the cafe and spoke to the press about his new joint venture.

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Jukbuin means ‘Bamboo Wife’ or ‘Dutch Wife’ in Korean. Where did such a term come from? The name gives you a hint about what it is used for. Jukbuin is used in the summer months to help you sleep when it gets too hot. Used mainly in the homes of noble aristocrats, these devices were made by thinly cutting bamboo and tying the strands into the shape of a large pillow.

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Lee Jun Ki – J Style

21 May 2009 In: Korean Pop, OFFER !

Lee Jun Ki – an actor name best known for Korean movie like ‘The King and The Clown‘ and Korean TV drama like ‘My Girl‘ and ‘Time Between Dog And Wolf

According to Lee Jun Ki’s company Mentor, they originally planned to held a public appearance of the album cover on the 18th April, the day where Lee Jun Ki held his fans concert. They stressed that the album cover is exceptional and very powerful. However due to unforeseen circumstances, the album cover was leaked out to the public and the company have no choice but to release the album cover image to the public earlier than they have planned.

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Something interesting here to share with you. Can you still remember in the Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, there is this scene when Jan Di was being kidnapped and Ji Hoon made a call to Jun Pyo and left him a voice message? Do you know how much is that helmet cost that Kim Hyun Joong is wearing on his head?

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Taiwanese Singer Wilber Pan who has his 7th album released on 22nd of this month invited Korea actress Lee Da Hae as the leading actress of his Music MV – Dance For Two.

This is the first time both of them are working together. In the story of this MV, Lee Da Hae acted as a big super star with Wilber Pan acting as her bodyguard. They both acted as they would in a relationship that cannot be fruitful.

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