Kim Bum’s new drama role

13 May 2009 In: Korean Stars News

Kim Bum had announced that he would be turning into the tough guy in his next coming role in ‘Dream’ (드림)

Together he would be acting with Joo Jin Mo who acted in the Korean movie ‘200 Pound Beauty‘ and pop singer Son Dam Bi.

I guess it’s really hard to imagine that Kim Bum would have to shed away his sweet, pretty boy, and gentleman style image and act as a tough guy who spent his time in a reformatory facility.

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Our School E.T. (울학교 이티)

12 May 2009 In: Korean Movies

What are the things that would come to your mind when you heard someone mention ‘ET’?  The science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg? Well maybe, because these are some of the reactions that I’ll get from my friends as well.

The ‘ET” I was refering  here stand for English Teacher. If you ever watch the movie ‘ Our School E.T.‘ (울학교 이티)  you would know that English is one of the important and common language that a Korean student would need to study now in school.

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Super Junior 2nd promote song, which is composed by E-Tribe (who is a well known composer with Lee Hyori’s – U Go Girl and SNSD’s – Gee) was broadcast worldwide today on Melon, Dosirak and Cyworld. The title of the song is ‘It’s You’ (너라고)

This song would not be included in their 3rd album but will be included in the Repackage album which will be released on 15th May 2009.

Super Junior was asked by the reporter about their expectations of their new song and they replied that it will be a rhythmical trendy, sophisticated and addictive song which they hope that their fans will like it and attract to it.

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Don’t miss out the double deal by Yesasia! Get your Boys Over Flower OST Part 1 and Part 2 at the price of US$24.98 now!
Personally, I think is a album that not to be miss – especially I love SHINee’s song (Stand By Me)

It’s the best OST album I have got it so far. The album consists of songs from famous bands like T-Max, SS501 and SHINee. 

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I don’t know whether I’m counted as a Korean drama addict, but after I fell in love in watching Korean drama, these are some of the things that I am doing now and that I want to do in future:

1. Staying up late at night to watch the whole series of a Korean drama at one shot regardless how many episodes are there.

2. Buying products related to my favorite drama. (example: I brought the Coffee Prince diary after falling in love with the drama ’The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)

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