Saturday May 9, 2009 10:35

Lee Min Ho postponed his leg surgery

Because of his busy schedule, Lee Min Ho, the actor who act as the leader of F4 in ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ would have to postponed his leg surgery to June.

He hurted his leg during his holidays in 2006 in a traffic accident and have to perform a surgery to insert the steel plates and pin to hold his bones together. Since his bones are now fully recovered, it’s time for him to go for the surgery to removed them out.

His surgery was actually schedule in May. But as for now he has to finish all the commercials shooting in May before he can go for his leg surgery.

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Saturday May 9, 2009 05:49

Kim Bum’s Maxim Commercial

Even since ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was shown in Korea, Kim Bum (acting as So Yi Jung in Boys Before Flowers) become one of the most popular in advertising model of 2009.

Together with Seo Woo (acting as Seo Jong Hee in ‘Crush and Blush’, they have been selected by Maxim to shoot the latest commercial.

The commercial is about Kim Bum & Seo Woo who both acted as a couple that just started dating and Kim Bum was walking Seo Woo home in the night. When both of them reached outside Seo Woo’s house,

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Saturday May 9, 2009 00:59

Goo Hye Sun’s working apron

For those readers who have already finished watching the whole series of ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Did you ever notice something that is really, really very interesting? (At least for me it is, haha!)

As you know Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) works as a waitress in the porridge shop. Do you ever notice the apron that Jan Di wears? I’ve viewed through the whole 25  episodes and spotted 4 different designs that were shown in this drama.

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Friday May 8, 2009 12:35

Korea Starbucks Coffee – Insadong

The 1st Korea Starbucks Coffee was launched in 1999 and opened outside Ehwa Women’s University Station. Jim Donald, President & CEO of Starbucks stated that the shop have always been welcomed and embraced by customers in South Korea.

In April 2007, Starbucks Coffee held a grand opening of 200th store near Noksayeong Station in Seoul.

Although in Seoul there are many Starbucks Coffee outlets but there is this very special outlet in Insadong (인사동) It’s the only Starbucks Coffee outlet in the world with a sign not written in English. (written in Korean: 스타벅스커피 – read as Starbucks Coffee)

Why is that so?

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Almost the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day on the 14th Feb, this includes Korea too. However in Korea, women are the one who would buy the chocolate and gifts for the men.

So on the White Day which is one month later (14th March) It’s time for the men to buy back the chocolate or candies to the women.

White Day also means that a mean can buy back a gift to the women who has bought him a gift on the Valentine’s Day to show that he is fond of her too! So what is Black Day then?

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