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Sunday March 14, 2010 00:05

Korea Earthenware Pots

People visiting Korea’s countryside might be surprised to discover rows upon rows of large and small, brown earthenware pots placed on a special platform. Spices and seasonings used to make Korean food are pickled and preserved in these pots, which include hangari 항아리and onggi 옹기(pots typically smaller than hangari)

Having special ties with South Korea, Michael Jackson said that he would come to Korea again on the day when North and South Korea reunify.

Thursday June 25, 2009 01:23

What happens when its Summer in Korea?

What happens when its Summer in Korea? I don’t really know until I got to read some information on it. Therefore I combined all the information I have and create this post. Hope you enjoy reading it! Grapes is ripe Bunches of green grapes are ripe and  transmitted the message of Summer. Summer is the […]

Monday June 15, 2009 10:05

‘Infinitely yours, Seoul’

On the 15th June onwards, China and Japan local televisions would begin to broadcast Seoul CF featuring DBSK and Super Junior.